World Kidney Day is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys. It is celebrated on second Thursday of every March. World widely many events take place to create awareness of kidney problems. This is to raise awareness about preventive measures, awareness about risk factors, and awareness about how to live with a kidney disease. The event  is all about kidney health for all. CKD causes at least 2.4 million death per year and is now the 6th fastest growing cause of death.


World kidney day aims to raise awareness of the importance  of our kidneys to our overall health and to decrease the frequency and consequences of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.


To create awareness about our “amazing kidney” that diabetes and hypertension are main risk factors for chronic disease (CKD).

  • Encourage systematic screening of all patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for CKD.
  • Encourage preventive majors
  • Educate all Medical Professional about the importance of detecting and reducing the risk of CKD, especially in high risk person.
  • Stress the important role of local and national health authorities in controlling the CKD epidemic. On this day all governments are encourage to take action and invest in further kidney screening.
  • Encourage transplantation as a best outcome option for end stage renal disease, and the act of organ donation at the life saving initiative.


World Kidney Day started in 2006 and has not stopped growing ever since. Every year, the campaign highlights a particular theme.

  • 2017Kidney Disease & Obesity – Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys
  • 2016Kidney Disease & Children – Act Early to Prevent It!
  • 2015 Kidney Health for All
  • 2014 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and aging
  • 2013 Kidneys for Life – Stop Kidney Attack!
  • 2012 Donate – Kidneys for Life – Receive
  • 2011Protect your kidneys: Save your heart
  • 2010Protect your kidneys: Control diabetes
  • 2009Protect your kidneys: Keep your pressure down
  • 2008Your amazing kidneys!
  • 2007CKD: Common, harmful and treatable
  • 2006Are your kidneys OK?



Kidney health every one every year

Kidney diseases: The burden

850 million people globally are now estimated to have kidney problem from various causes. CKD cause at least 2.4 million deaths per year.

Acute kidney injury (AKI), and important driver of CKD, affect over 13 million people globally and 85% of these cases are found in low socio-economic nations. CKD and AKI are important causes of high morbidity and mortality from other diseases and risk factors like cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, infections like HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis. Also CKD and AKI in children lead to high morbidity and mortality during childhood and also lead to medical problems beyond childhoods.


World widely there is too much of disparity and inequity in kidney health. There are too many social factors like age, gender, place, economic condition, lack of education, occupational hazards and pollution etc. In India pollution is burst especially in Delhi and NCR reasons. Pollution not only causes lungs problems but also leads to cardio-vascular and hypertension complication. Because of above problems kidney diseases occur and also in preexisting kidney disease patients develop more chest problems.

Transplantation is the better option for our CKD patients. It required lots of investment in setting up is kidney transplant infrastructure. It also required highly specialized doctors, paramedics Operation Theater, kidney transplant ICU and good dialysis backup. There is also scarcity of organ donor because many reasons like cultural buyers, fear of donation, lack of awareness, medically unfit for donation and poor cadaveric organ donation program.

In poor socio-economic countries there are no fix policies for non-communicable diseases in terms of screening, prevention and treatment of kidney disease.


This year, “World Kidney Day” is to create awareness of the high and increasing prevalence of kidney disease globally and the need for policies for prevention and management.

Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere calls for universal health coverage (                                          UHC) for prevention and early treatment kidney disease.

The ultimate goal of a UHC policy is to promote population health by ensuring universal, sustainable and equitable access to essential healthcare of high quality, protecting people from health impoverishment and improving equity in health across socioeconomic groups.

WKD call on everyone:

  • Encourage and adopt healthy lifestyles (access to clean water, exercise, healthy diet, tobacco control. Wherever the preventive measures should be taken.
  • Make screening for kidney diseases a primary healthcare intervention including access to identification tools (e.g. urine and blood tests).
  • Ensure kidney patients receive basic health services they to delay disease progression without suffering financial hardship.
  • Call for transparent policies governing equitable and sustainable access to advanced health care services (e.g. dialysis and transplantation) and better financial.










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