Cost of Dialysis

Cost of hemodialysis: – mainly depends on what the hospital is charging for one session of hemodialysis.

The charges mainly depends on location of the Centre, quality of the RO system, whether the Centre is under nephrologist guidance, senior and trained dialysis technicians, and competition between different centres nearby.

In Delhi/NCR the most of the dialysis centres are charging between Rs.2000 to Rs.4000/PM for single session with new dialyzer. For reuse dialyzer charges are lower. So for a patient who is on twice a week dialysis Rs.25000-35000/PM Since, the patient who is thrice a week on dialysis costs Rs.35000-45000 /PM (The above cost, is only for dialysis sessions).

The cost of medications, which includes injection erythropoietin, anti-hypertensive, phosphate binders, calcium supplements, diuretics, antacids, multi-vitamins, vitamin-d supplement, protein supplements, iron supplements, L-carnitine, vaccinations and others, Rs.8000 – 20000/PM.

Cost of investigations is approximately Rs.1000-3000/PM.