When the kidneys are completely failed patient has two options lifelong dialysis
or kidney transplant.
Kidney transplant is better than dialysis in terms of quality of life, patient survival,
morbidities, and cost as long term.
There are two forms of kidney transplant.
1. Live related kidney transplant
2. Deceased donor kidney transplant
The outcome of live related kidney transplant is slightly better than deceased
donor kidney transplant.
Than in case of live related kidney transplant family donor is required whether
blood relation or no blood relations.
Blood related donor can be patient siblings, parents, grandparents and
Non-blood related donor can be spouse, any close relation of spouse.
Kidney transplant can be blood group matching (ABO compatible) or blood
group mismatch (ABO incompatible).
After we have finalized the donor we need to check the medical fitness of the
So, donor undergoes various investigations of blood ultrasound, urine, CT scan,
renal DTPA.
Side by side the legal formalities are to be done by the transplant co-
And after the completion of medical and legal formalities

Legal committee will cross heck the legal papers and files and confirm the
Finally after passing through the patient and donor are admitted for kidney
Kidney transplant surgery
After clearances from legal committee, pre-anesthetic checkup and
nephrologist, patient and donor are hospitalized for surgery.
In the surgery one kidney is taken out from the donor and it is transplanted to
the patient.
The common places of the placement of the kidney are right lower abdomen
or left lower abdomen.
The patient is usually is stay in the hospital for next 7-8 days and donor for
next 5-6 days.