Peritoneal Dialysis

it is a form of dialysis in which a special fluid (peritoneal dialysis and fluid) is inserted into abdomen through a peritoneal dialysis catheter and then this fluid is kept in the abdomen for 6-12 hours (somewhere it is a time for which the fluid is kept in the abdomen i.e. in between inflow and outflow time) dual time .Then this fluid, will remove toxin, extra fluid and control electrolytes. This cycle of inserting and removing fluid is a continuous process for whole day or for 24 hours.

Peritoneal dialysis

It is the treatment for kidney failure. A special kind of fluid which is sterile in nature, introduced into the abdomen through a permanent tube. This is placed in the peritoneal cavity. Fluid circulates through abdomen to draw out impurities from blood vessels in the peritoneum; it is than drained from the body.

PD can be done at home, work, or even on trips. But it requires special kind of supervision. PD patient also requires regular working with dialysis technician, nephrologist, dialysis nurse, and dietician.

Two types of peritoneal dialysis

  1. CAPD – continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
  2. APD – automated peritoneal dialysis


  1. CAPD – continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
  2. APD – automated peritoneal dialysis

                                          Automated peritoneal dialysis

In this the INS and outflow of the fluid is controlled through automated machine and which is usually done during night time and it exchanges are of shorter period of time could be combined 1 or 2 manual exchanges with fluid. During day time the benefit of CAPD is slow ongoing dialysis which is more physiological no vascular is required.

It is painless procedure need not to require to go to hospital  can be performed at home.


Chances of abdomen infection is very high

High sugar

Protein loss

It needs to take very high protein intake

Abdomen fullness every time

Peritoneal dialysis catheter  is to be displaced every time

Can perform on his own need not to take his help from anybody