How to prevent kidney diseases?

Kidney diseases are common in:-

  1. Diabetic patients
  2. Hypertensive patients
  3. Coronary heart diseases patient
  4. Cerebrovascular disease patient
  5. Over weight and Obese patient
  6. Persons who are on long term kidney harmful medicines like painkillers (NSAIDS, lithium), some anti-biotic, some ayurvedic medication.
  7. Smokers and tonic tobacco users.
  8. Patients having recurrent urine infections.
  9. Patients having multiple kidney stones
  10. Persons in whom family member is suffering from kidney disease
  11. Some genetic related kidney disease.
  12. Urine outflow obstructive diseases.
  13. Hyperuricemia and gout.
  14. Connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid, sjogren’s, sarcoidosis and others.
  15. Others


If there are above risk factors than routinely kidney function test (cretanine) and urine routine examination to be done.

If any modifiable risk factor is present than we need to modify them.